Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Happy Hello (Feb SOTM) Birthday card

This card was created using CTMH's A Happy Hello stamp set, which was the stamp of the month in Feb 2015.
I used Lagoon ink to stamp the card, in layers.

I created a mask by stamping on a separate piece of paper and then fussy cutting it, so that all the bumps were exposed. I then stamped my first layer and placed my mask over top of it so that my second layer of stamping would not be overlapped by the first.

This is the mask in place. I just held it as I stamped my other layers, but you could use a repositionable glue, as long as it doesn't leave a residue.

When my first layer was complete, I continued with the second stamp. At this point you could change the color if you wanted to. I chose to leave it the same.

I filled it in the best I could, using the mask again.

With the stamping layers complete, I began to do my pen work with my black marker.

You can do this however you like, or not at all.  I chose to do it rather sloppy, that was a look I felt I could maintain. ;)

drawing in circles around the circles. I made mine bigger to fill in the space.

I then used the stamp set with the circular dashes and black ink for the middles. Once again I used the mask to create that layered look.

I decided to add the sentiment on a separate piece of paper and ink the edges of both the sentiment and the card front.
I hope you like the card. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below.
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Happy Stamping!

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